Hardware Solutions

Admin Tools

Administrators benefit from having full control over their Users, Call Queues, Conference Bridges, Auto Attendants, Time Frames, Music on Hold, Call History, Active Calls and hardware devices.

Our interface is a breeze to use, and rest assured, we are always here to help you set up and maintain your Phone System settings.  It’s how we grew up as a company, by providing excellent customer service.  Our motto is Always Here To Help You.

SCS Mobile App with Integrated SMS and Direct Messaging

With SCS Mobile app users are able to maintain the same identity when making or receiving calls from while away from the office.   SCS Mobile grants users the ability to manage contacts, voicemail, call history, messaging and SMS from their mobile phone.

CRM and Google Integration

Integrate SalesForce or other popular CRM platforms into your Unified Communications system.

Transcribed Voicemail-to-Email


Voicemails can be delivered to your email Inbox and also to your User Portal, where you can fully manage all your messages.

Integrated Inbound and Outbound Fax

Business Communicaitons wouldn’t be complete without an integrated fax solution.  Receive your faxes by email, into your User Portal or print to your standard fax machine with our Analog Phone Adapter.  Send faxes with Cover sheet from your User Portal and get visual notification upon completion or failure.  Many businesses still send faxes all day long.  Others send or receive a fax once per year. Rest assured, whatever your faxing needs are our service is ultra-reliable and easy to use.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Make your Teams app your softphone. 

Use it simultaneously with a desk phone or ditch the hardware altogether.  Integrates with all your PBX User’s Answering Rules, Voicemail and Call History.

Dependable Services

A Price You Can Afford

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