All Your Business Communications Needs In One Place

Look to Secure Cloud Solutions for all your SMB business phone and communications needs.


We support SMB.  Our Business Phone System is the easiest to use and most powerful solution you will find to run your small and medium-sized business.  Business Phone Systems is our primary business.  We can also support your Microsoft Office 365 needs, assist you with your Networking requirements, and provide Technical Support on a monthly or case-by-case basis.  If your company requires immediate Technical Support we are “Always Here” to help.

Contact us today to find out about our Business Phone System and supporting services.  

Why Secure Cloud Solutions?

For Your Security

“They” are always probing you for a weakness, for an opening.  Trust Secure Cloud Solutions to advise you on best practices and the right security solution for your company.

For Your Productivity

We deliver industry-best solutions.  Our Business Phone System is the best in the industry.  Let us handle your technology so you can focus on being the best in your industry.

For Your Bottom Line

Since we started business in 2009 our goal was to deliver value.  Check out our pricing structure and you will see it is honest, clear, and affordable.

About Us

We do business the old-fashioned way — one customer at a time.  Business needs vary.  We’re specialists in delivering the solutions your company needs to be secure, productive and profitable.

In 2009 when we founded our company “The Cloud” was an emerging concept.  But the economic benefits of hosting your business phone system, email and other applications on muti-tenant servers in secure data centers was clear.  Today, most systems and processes businesses utilize to be productive are hosted in “The Cloud.”

At Secure Cloud Solutions we partner with only the best.  Our service offering is based on companies like Microsoft 365, Net Sapiens, and Barracuda Networks.  Our goal is to deliver you the best so you can be the best.

Contact Us us today and let us show you why our customers become clients.

Business Phone Systems

Our Business Phone System enables your business to communicate with crystal clear voice whether you are premise-based or remote. 


We’ve set up thousands of networks and we manage hundreds of them for our customers.  We can help you set up your offices and remote work places with equipment you own, or we can sell you new hardware.  Your network is the lifeblood of your business.  When it goes down or malfunctions productivity stops.  Let us assess your current needs and advise you on a reliable and safe solution.

Phone Hardware

Here we talk about the hardware we sell.  From IP phones and accessories to Dell PCs loaded with the productivity solution that is right for you.

Microsoft Business

We sell and support all Microsoft Business Solutions.  Whether you need cloud-based Office 365 or Windows 365,  hardware-based Office and Windows operating systems, or Azure Cloud Servers, we can help.

Technical Support

Our motto is “Always Here.”  Your business depends on quick answers to technology issues.  We’ve built our business on competence and responsiveness.  Let us show you why our customers become clients.

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