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Symantec Antivirus

In 2014, 60% of targeted attacksĀ¹ struck small- and medium-sized businesses, and that number is expected to grow in the future. Symantec’s global view of threats and unique detection technologies enable them to defend every computer in your business against the latest viruses, malware, and spyware as soon as they appear. They also block potentially offensive websites and message-based phishing attacks while preventing data leaks, data loss and system downtime. With only a few steps, you can be protected in minutes.

Symantec Backup

Backup Services

A business owner never wants to lose data. We offer backup services to suit any scenario. For the PC-centric company, we recommend Crash Plan Pro, from Code 42. If you choose one of our Hosted Server solutions, your backup plan may be a little different. Let us know how we can assist you. We’d love to hear from you.

Customer Support

Our customer service philosophy is based on three simple principles. We promise to always do our best to make things right for you, we promise to be available when you need us, and we promise to provide you with support representatives that know our services, so that when you have questions or need to make changes, your requests are handled with speed and accuracy.

IP telephones for small business

The customer is always right

It’s the first rule of business. It’s an attitude of service. It means that when you have a request, we do our very best to exceed your expectations.

hosted VoIP 24 hour support

Support should be available 24/7

Our customer support is based in Phoenix, AZ. We promise to always have a support tech available for any needs related to your service.

Hosted VoIP professional support

Support should be professional and knowledgeable

We train our support reps to be knowledgeable and proficient with all our services. We view every support case as an opportunity to renew your trust in our company. We sincerely want to serve you!