Secure Cloud Solutions

delivering the industry's most reliable

and affordable hosted voice and server solutions

Secure Cloud Solutions

What’s in a name? We think everything. Says Secure Cloud Solutions’ CEO Cory Sanders, “Many years ago, when I started my company as a Hosted VOIP service provider, service in “The Cloud” was really starting to take off. With so many business processes moving off premise and into a hosted environment, I asked myself, what is a business owner’s chief concern? Research showed that security was the main objection when moving processes away from a company-controlled firewall. Owners and IT managers wanted to trust that their data and information was secure with whomever they allowed to host their applications and processes. I also had the idea that we would be more than just a Hosted VOIP service provider. Business owners like to consolidate services and billing. So I chose the name Secure Cloud Solutions.”

Today, small businesses across the country trust Secure Cloud Solutions with their Hosted VOIP, Hosted Microsoft Windows Server, computer security, and backup needs. Security is our first concern. We build a robust firewall with active attack prevention into each of our servers. We deploy our services from a Tier-4 data center in Phoenix, AZ because Phoenix is among the safest places on Earth to house mission-critical machines. Your business is mission-critical to us. When you need to make a phone call or access your Hosted Server, you expect your services to work. We are constantly striving to improve our business and seeking new ways to better yours. That’s why we feel comfortable saying, “We run your voice and data systems, while you run your business.” Call today to discuss your needs and our Secure Cloud Solutions.


Why us?

Small businesses trust us because we are reliable. Security is in our name. They love us because we save them money on the same services they can buy from other providers. We’re confident when we say that we are “delivering the industry’s most reliable and affordable hosted voice and sever solutions.”

What is our mission?

Our mission is to provide small businesses with big business tools at a small business price.

How can you improve your business with us?

Start by making sure all your computers are protected with adequate intrusion prevention and anti-virus software. Many companies use a “free” service that leaves them vulnerable, or a product that slows the PC’s performance. No other service on market compares to the Symantec Endpoint Protection that we recommend.

Take a look at your backup and archiving plan. In the event of a hard drive failure, do you know how to quickly restore a PC and get your business back to normal? We have two different solutions depending on your needs.

Evaluate what you are spending for telecommunications and get a quote from us for a Hosted VOIP system. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you save with Secure Cloud Solutions.

Finally, if it’s time to replace your on-premise server, or if you just want to unify your business workflow, consider a Hosted Microsoft Windows Server with us. You’ll find a hosted server to be an efficient and cost-effective solution to run your company.

Let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!